Sunday, March 30, 2008

Everybody Loves Kristen Bell

It has been pointed out to me by machine-elves from a higher level of reality that my well-documented and perhaps irrationally strong loathing of NBC's Heroes may be inconsistent with my professed love for Veronica Mars, starring Kristen Bell. Because apparently she's in Heroes too.

Certainly, I would sell my own grandmother for a chance to lick the cheek of Kristen Bell. (My grandmother is dead so I have little use for her. If she were alive I would not sell her.) Wait, that's just creepy. But I was heartbroken when Cy Tolliver bashed her brains in. (Kristen Bell's character in Deadwood, not my grandmother.) But that doesn't mean anything because there are other actors I like in Heroes as well, such as Clea DuVall and that guy from Profit. And Malcolm McDowell remains a favorite of mine, even though probably 98 percent of his filmography is shit.

Plus, as if Bell wasn't firmly enough established as Nerd Princess as it was, she's in Fanboys, the upcoming Star Wars thingie that Darth Weinstein is trying to destroy. And I hate Star Wars almost as much as I hate Heroes.

I don't remember where I was going with this post. But here's the main reason to love Kristen Bell:

[Interviewer:] Are you a typical blonde?
No, because I’m not stupid.


Mookster said...

"and that guy from Profit"

Adrian Pasdar! The MAN, the MYTH - THE PROFIT!

Good old Cy by the way... Kicking against the pricks!

Koala Mentala said...

Cy is so fucking awesome. Deadwood is probably my favorite TV series ever. What's your favorite TV series ever, Matthew? Don't say Deadwood because that's taken. If you say Deadwood I'll break you.

Matthew said...

Easy it's mean Gilmore Girls.

Also, I remember that post from Qui Gon Jinn discount Jedi. Ah, remember those days when Sara would post comments about how she had to get food? That was great. I remember looking forward to those comments. Will she get food, won't she? How did she know that we cared so deeply about her food getting regiment?

Erika said...

I watched Top Gun a few weeks ago (mmm, homoeroticism) and I realized that Adrian Pasdar is in it. I believe it was his first Hollywood film.