Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Support the Martyrs of Blogging

This image and others in the best bloggy post evar. Or at least among the top three. People don't appreciate what hard work blogging really is. I mean, I spend somewhere between five and ten hours on each and every SUPERBLOG!! post, no matter how idiotic. (Takes xtra long when im drunk becuz tehn I cant spel.)

Speaking of my ex-co-blogger Sammy Suck, I accidentally noticed that while he was slacking off a lot even a year ago, back then he was still occasionally capable of fine posts like this anti-Palme polemic. Now he just sits in a corner all the time, sucking his thumb, grinning stupidly, expecting to still share in the SUPERBLOG!! revenues. Not gonna happen!

Then again, I was a better person years ago too. As I nostalgically traverse the SUPERBLOG!! archives, I'm constantly amazed at the beautiful insights I encounter:

Lamar Owens and boobies go hand in hand, like alcohol and painkillers, or hamburgers and mini-carrots.

When was the last time you read poetry like that on SUPERBLOG!!?


Matthew said...

I was afraid that Superblog!! Would be swept under the tide of history. It appears these fears were ill-founded, for Superblog!! has proven to be the firm bedrock upon which the whole of Internet is perched.

PS. Did you check our new episode?

Afe said...

I read SUPERBLOG!! but never click on the advertisements. Does that make me evil, or just a rebel ahead of my time?

Uncliest Ever said...

I will blog more. Eventually. Perhaps when I lose my job.

Koala Mentala said...

Matthew: Not yet but I will when the time is right.

Afe: That's okay, nobody clicks on the ads. They're mostly there to annoy.

Uncle Sucky: I have a special clause in my employment contract that lets me blog during working hours. P.S: u suk