Saturday, January 28, 2006


I will now reach out with my right arm and grab a book. Randomly I'll quote eight lines, no make that four lines from the book my mighty arm grabs.

Wait again. It was a Swedish book. It must be something in English. Hold on.

...forms of deviancy, unrelated to the group task are irrelevant. An individual who is deviant in sexual object choice is a case in point. Consider those with a homosexual orientation; some do very poorly in therapy groups composed of heterosexual males and females. They do.....

Conclusion: If you're gay and you have issues, go to a gay therapy group.

On my stereo: Grease: You're the one that I want.


Goo said...

sammy are you becoming hostile? don't think i didn't notice the subtle retaliation on my websites. don't be angry with me, or annoyed.... i love you guys. really, i do! love, love, love, LOVE! i even love moocko... and he's swedish too! let's just love eachother today. and be warm and caring and fuzzy and sweet. AND SOFT AND MELTY LIKE BUTTER BUT ROUND LIKE MEATBALLS OKAY? oops... okay?

i love the Grease OST too!!!

Uncle Sammy said...

I just love everything Chicago-ish since I got kicked out by my girlfriend there. I love that bounceer who let me sleep at his house and I love those brothers who let me sleep at their place somewhere around Diversey St. So I guess I must love you too!

Uncle Sammy said...

Eh.. Could have been Diversy Ave.

Uncle Sammy said...

Haha! The babe (bitch) lived at North Sheridan Rd... Everything comes back to me now...!

Uncle Sammy said...

She made like $100,000 a year back then. Maybe I was stupid when I yelled at her and ran to that bar.... ;-)

Goo said...

OMG i live near Diversy!! i kick people out ALL the time.. see, we have so much in common.

CHICAGO is beautiful, wonderful, city that is full of love, things that smell good, and people from poland!! how the hell did you meet a wonderful, sweet, innocent girl from chicago? the internet right?
THATS AWESOME! i'm going to tell you a little known fact about me sammy, now that i feel like we're becoming such close friends... i met my soulmate in the yahoo chatroom: electronica 1

crazy right? i know! and here we are a year and several months later more in love than ever!!


Uncle Sammy said...

Wow! We're like super best friends again!! I met that Chicao-ish girl in Stockholm (outside the internet) before a U2 concert and we kinda liked eachother and she came back to Stockholm where we had some hot sex... Yeah... I was fucking awesome in bed and she sent me tickets so I could come to Chicago and yes..... the rest is history.