Thursday, January 26, 2006

For Real This Time: The True Face of Koala

No Alt text this time. Sorry.

You know, you can get me to go along with pretty much any stupid plan. Say you want to dig up someone's grave just for fun but you're too chicken to do it alone? Count me in. Or maybe you want a partner in your new scheme to exploit the elderly and the retarded? Sounds like fun. Or you want to rob a bank and you need a getaway driver? I'm there, man.

But there are two things I absolutely refuse to do:
1) Brush my teeth
2) Reveal my true face on the Interweb

Except that's complete bullshit because there are about a billion photos of me lying around on the web. But most of those were taken before I had my nervous breakdown or whatever it was that made me start a blog I like to call SUPERBLOG!!

I like to call it that, because that is its name. SUPERBLOG!!

Capital S, capital U, capital P, capital... you get the idea. SUPERBLOG!!

Wait, is it me? I'm honestly not sure. It probably is.


Smart Mouth said...

Nice hand.

Goo said...

even though the pic is fuzzy, you can see how high and square koalas hair is. hoy shit, its like the flattop fade hairstyle that was popular in the late 80's.

i decided to photoshop it to get the rest of the details of his face. i've done it again people!

the REAL face of koala mentala!!


Smart Mouth said...

Goo, I think that you have moved in on Koala's territory. Seems my crush has shifted over to you. Hell, I'm even giving you carte blanche access to the ONLY powerful information I'll likely ever possess...

Wisely, you must use it. Buy of this, I am sure you are already aware.

katiedid said...

Goo has done outstanding work, excellent job.

Uncle Sammy said...

Koala's eyes are more evil but the rest is spot on.

Goo said...

well, well, well! looks like i have a supporter. smart mouth was smart enough to have briefly viewed the mysterious quickly deleted SUPERBLOG!! post that some of you may have heard about recently. the post was obviously deleted because one of the two swedes must have thought it best they didn't embarrass themselves by telling the weird, and oddly sexual thing that happened to them one nite while they were um... drinking.. alone together, one nite.

and now i know this stuff!! and it's stuff you guys don't know but if you did know you would laugh and point at koala and sammy maybe even wag your finger at them because it was both disgusting and shameful!! and the stuff i know is some gross shit, let me tell you. sick. and sad. sammy should be ashamed of himself.... and koala... geez man, i don't know what to say to you except maybe... does this look familiar? except instead of a girl lying there, picture sammy? hmmmm? does it? huh?

hahaha i feel powerful for some reason. thx for the info SM. i shall plan to use it for every possible evil thing i can think of..

you know koala and sammy, you guys have been my comedic muses lately and i thank you for being the easily teased boys that you are. sometimes i have so much material on you guys i think i should start a blog and call it SUPER BLAH BLAH BLAH the superblog antiblog. if i had no life that is. but i do. oh woe is me.

why don't to out YOURSELF on this topic huh sammy??

Goo said...

oh and one more thing koala... i'm obviously stealing your biatches!! can't you even keep your women happy?

Goo, I think that you have moved in on Koala's territory. Seems my crush has shifted over to you.

Uncle Sammy said...

One day you need to give your own blog some attention Goo. Perhaps. And I drooled some when visiting falun. Never puked at all! :-) But that doesn't matter! Truth never matters at SB.

Goo said...

i give my blog plenty of attention.

i get the feeling i'm no longer wanted here. i'll let myself out. goodbye.