Saturday, January 28, 2006


Without alcohol none of the things below would have happened to me.

1. Me getting a substantial amount of girls making out with me.
2. Me being haunted by jewelry traders in Sri Lanka/Ceylon.
3. Me being a witness (never questioned) in a shooting in Norrköping, Sweden. Remember folks, a witness, not a perpetrator.
4. Me being robbed in Prague.
5. Me getting together with that girl from Chicago.
6. Me being ditched (or being the one ditching, too drunk to remember) by that girl from Chicago.
7. Me being robbed in Tallin, Estonia.
8. Me doing a lot of weird things.

and 74 other cool happenings.
Praise alcohol.


starbender said...
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starbender said...

I hope that's BEER,
and not a URINE SAMPLE!!!

Koala Mentala said...

11. You'd probably never have gotten to know me.

17. You'd definitely not be one half of SUPERBLOG!!