Sunday, January 29, 2006

The End

I'm tired now. Goodbye.


Smart Mouth said...

Well Sammy, I've never been to Stockholm, I've never been from Chicago, I've never seen U2, I've never had mad, hot, passionate sex with you, but somehow I STILL feel a little twinge of guilt. I shared your secret. I was blinded by the beguiling Goo, and forgot my loyalty to you and your pal teddybear, and this little blog that I randomly happened upon.

I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

Uncle Sammy said...

I forgive you but God won't. You shared your secret, not mine. I like you shoe.

zenmonki said...

I've been nearly internet-free for 3 weeks and where's the first place I go? That's right [S]UBERBLOG!! That's cause I'm a superbloggin-rockstar-bitch, baby.

Well OK, after checking email and some other stuff that really doesn't count.

It sounds like Goo has been up to more evily-ness lately. Let's feed her to the zombies.

Did Sara and Koala do it yet? Did Koala and Moocow do it yet?

Catch me up!