Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Odds and Sods

Proving once again that SUPERBLOG!! is a better blog by far than any blog ever in the entire history of everything and then some, here are sixteen entries in one:

1. Carmen Lied to Us, and Other Stories of Misery and Betrayal

Have you ever seen a happier mug shot than Tom DeLay's above? I haven't. By the way, did you know Carmen Electra's real name is Tara Patrick? I didn't. That changes everything.

When I'm 62, I wanna look just like George Clinton. Actually, I wanna look like that when I'm 32. If I'm alive then, which I probably won't be, as loyal readers know.

2. Oh Five

I like JibJab's year-end Flash movie ("2-0-5"), but their server is constantly crapping out so you can see it at MSN instead, maybe. Or not. The picture quality is kinda poor, but it's amusing nonetheless. JibJab was/were mentioned once before on SUPERBLOG!!, almost a year ago, and that caused their hits to triple overnight.

3. Children Can Be Cruel

So I was standing in line at the store when I had an epiphany that will only make sense to people who speak Swedish. The girl behind the register had a name tag that said Britta. I said to myself, "That's an unusual name for a young(ish) chickling." A couple of minutes later, while walking home, I suddenly realized why few girls today are called Britta...

4. Suicide Update

I'm still alive and I plan to take a trip two days from now, on Friday the 13th, so perhaps suicide won't be necessary after all. SUPERBLOG!! is a very superstitious blog.

5-16. Yeah, like I was really going to write sixteen entries. You get what you get.

The winds cry BITTERNESS!!


Smart Mouth said...

Mental illness is fucked. Plaguing the intelligent, the wounded, and the half-marsupial-half-human of the world.

Hope your vaca offers relief in the form of many beers and a blow job, and NOT in the form of a bus barrelling towards you. Knock knock knock.

Britta? Don't get it.

Sara said...

Where are you going to go in two days? We need details, buddy.

Uncle Sammy said...

Clue: Britta rhymes with .....

Åñèè§å said...

britta bitter
britta dick (brit a dick)
britta prick
britta brick

I'm just guessing here lol.....

my bday is on the 13th of july LOL....but i wasn't born on a friday...however in 2007 it'll have a black friday in july....

The Stalker said...

Ummmmm what does KM do on vacation? Perhaps Goo can do some investigation and let us all know?

Koala Mentala said...

What do I do on vacation? What don't I do? And what do I don't? (Possible answers: shoot heroin, screw prostitutes, take skydiving lessons.)

Koala Mentala said...

Where am I going? Nowhere. How will I get there? Fast.

President Preston said...

Is it shitta? I don't know. Do the swedes even TRY anymore? Go ahead and name your kid shitter. Quit being such a pussy. If they aint named cunt fuck shit bitch, its fine with me.

Yes, I have learned to swear and frankly, it is a pleasurable sensation.

President Preston said...

P too da ESS YO

(forgive me gods of good taste)

Does nobody care about the plight of a lonely man living in an igloo in Canada?! READ MY STUFF. OH GOD I NEED YOUR VALIDATION!!!