Thursday, November 03, 2005

My Drunken Self-Portraits are Legion

Happiness comes in many forms

As previously alluded to on SUPERBLOG!!, there are quite a few blurry photos of me standing in front of a mirror in a restroom, looking drunk. That's because most of those pictures are taken in various pubs. I started doing this as a sort of pathetic hobby around Summer 2004.

This particular picture is #28 (you realize I pulled that number out of my ass, right?) in the series, and it's from... somewhere. I can't remember and I don't recognize the place. It seems to have been taken November 2nd last year, though, so maybe one of SUPERBLOG!!'s readers remembers drinking with me on that date, and can fill us in? Maybe even Uncle Sammy?

Oh, and happy Usability Day!


Sara said...

What was your other hand doing when you took the picture? Maybe I don't want to know.

zenmonki said...

you realize I pulled that number out of my ass, right?

Isn't that were most of SUPERBLOG!! comes from?

After seeing this photo, that one, this other one, no wait, I meant that other one, I'm beginning to think you really think we don't know what you guys really look like.

I have to admit the anonymity is kind of attractive, though.

Mr Splendor said...

Ok, that photo is clearly tampered with.

Koala Mentala said...

Shit, you're all on to us! Zenmonki is correct in his assumption that I AM BATMAN. And yes, Sara, my other hand WAS holding the very knife I used to cut the last person who dared to ask me what my other hand was doing when I took the picture. And Mr S., we DO have the same taste in books, and the world IS full of hussies.

Sara said...

Oh. Ok.