Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I'm Alive And Kicking

I don't feel like blogging though. But I am. Again. What's wrong with me? Nothing. Whatever. That novel Koala think he's gonna write sucks. Not. I think it's allright. I bet Bobo will come back and rape that knife guys ass. Big time. I like to write. Short sentences. Because my English, you know. It sucks. Not really. Once upon a time I dated a girl from Chicago. In Chicago. Not Gooooo. Another girl from the windy city of broad shoulders and so on and so fort blah blah. We broke up. She was way to bossy. But before we broke up she mentioned that my skills in the English languages were awesomely. She also liked my ass and she admired the fact that my back wasn't covered by hair. Now I want to take the opportunity to tell you about how koala the fat fuck (he's very thin) ignored my suggestions for a new slogan for SUPERBLOG!!

We Will Rock You!

Huh? Not bad I think, but not good enough for Koala and I'm not allowed to change things in the template. Partly because Koala aint a very trusting person and partly (as I believe I have mentioned somewhere in the archives) because I am a big jolly delete this blog button pressing person.


Goo said...

i'm bossy, i would break up with you, i think your english is awesomely, and i like asses and backs that aren't covered by hair.

are you SURE its not me you dated??

Afe said...

"We will rock you!" is cool, but "We will hurt you!" would be even better. Plus it's more true.

Uncle Sammy said...

Goaaahh.. that means that you should at least date me before you broke up! cool. Were you in Sweden 1987? If not, we haven't dated. yet.

Our slogan shall be: We will rock you, and Afe we will hurt you!

koala in da hood said...

Once again, my amazingly old Uncle inadvertently reveals how amazingly old he is! 1987? Most of our readers weren't even born then!

And that slogan is the crappiest crap anyone ever crapped.

Uncle Sammy said...

You weren't born then you cry baby.

Sara said...

I turned 4 in 1987.

Goo said...

i was in 7th grade in 1987. god, i'm old. but you're older. ha.

Uncle Sammy said...

I'm younger than Madonna but older than Harry Potter and that log lady I dated in Chicago was older than me. She was my sugar mommy for a couple of weeks. (I was like John Kerry you know...)

zenmonki said...

Goo said: "i was in 7th grade in 1987. god, i'm old. but you're older. ha."

I think I'm probably older than all of you, even Uncle Sammy.

I was born in a small village many, many decades ago. My journey led to a small zen-temple, high in the forrested mountains of a far-away land, which is another way of saying I had to get really, really lost to find it.

I was given a quest by the temple master to search the world for a "river of words" and find within it "two minds that speak a Truth that seems insanity to all others."

That's what led me to SUPERBLOG!!

If I can grasp the essense of this Truth, I will achieve enlightenment (Joshu says: "mu!") and take the understanding back to my brethren at the temple. Then, I will become the zendo master.

Until then, only zenmonki.

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