Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Evil Comics #9 : The Cleverest One Yet!

FOR THE BLIND: bloggy mcbloggy the bloggy bloggy

Aside from changing Superman's line and the text of Lois's diary entry, I have made a number of subtle alterations on this cover. Can you spot all the changes? A cookie for you if you can! Well, can you?

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Moocko said...

Seems to be an urgent fuck.

Where's Marco Polo Part 3?!??

Smart Mouth said...

Every girl's dream come true. Especially the bit about the cheese. Hot!

Afe said...


Moocko said...

Why's everyone so Christian?!

katiedid said...

The word "fuck" seems to be occurring more often than usual at Superblog, which is not a radical change per se, but it is a change nevertheless. The other change? This post is resoundingly heterosexual, clearly a deviation from the norm.

koala said...

Hot cheese indeed.

What is this "Superblog" you speak of? Does it bear any relation to the mighty SUPERBLOG!!, mayhap?

The word "fuck" is what keeps SUPERBLOG!! a family blog. If we used "cunt" as frequently, we'd feel compelled to change the rating.

The Stalker said...

Amusing story

koala said...

Ooooh, so now it's a "story", is it?