Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Photo #64: The Luxurious Crapper

Outstanding! Best crapper in South America! Unlike Koala I have few photos of myself inside various rest rooms but since this was no ordinary place of easement I had to take a picture. This golden lavatory can be found at Terraco Italia in Sao Paulo.

A gastronomic and tourist landmark for more than thirty years, the Terraço Itália is located at the top of the Itália building, 41 storeys above street level. The spectacular view, dance floor with live music, and the deeply romantic atmosphere, together with some excellent food on the menu, make this one of the favourite eateries for both tourists and paulistas alike.

Can't believe that they're not mentioning the shit-house.... Maybe they do mention it here?

SUPERBLOG!! readers interested in latrines and doo-doo can enhance their learning and further their wisdom by visiting one or two of the following links.

Welcome to Analtech
ANALTECH developed the first commercially prepared TLC plates in 1961.

Crappers Quarterly
Review our guidelines for courteous crapping and rush up on your crapping skills. First, there are some basic skills that need to be refined before you can become a gentleman crapper.

Britesmile for Bungholes
She told me that she would wax the anus first, then apply Pink Cheeks Amazing Anal Bleaching Cream, a product the salon developed, to the area. I scanned the label: The active ingredient is hydroquinone (4 percent), a substance used to lighten dark skin, commonly found in products used by African Americans to even out skin tone. "We just tried it on some buttholes and realized it worked," said Esser-Thorin.


Afe said...

What's wrong with your face? You like like Pennywise. And everyone knows I hate clowns. Please take the mask off.

Matthew said...

Why would anyone just try a chemical on their buttholes? "Hey this Windex really takes out the streaks on my glass. I wonder if it works on my butthole? Yup, it sure does. And I'm farting globs of blood as a bonus!"

Goo said...

see this is why i come here. i feel like you were blogging directly to me. you share my passion for poop, pooping, and poop related humor.

o00o. <---that's some poo for you

i have a question though: after i turn 30 in a month, will i still find poop, poo, and pooping as funny as i do now?

Uncle Sammy said...

Poop remains funny until you're buried in it.
Penywise remains funny until he takes his mask off.
Buttholes remains funny unt.. No, maybe not.