Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Lankar

If, like me, you prefer to spend the Holidays on the Internet instead of with loved ones, here are some hyperlinks you can click on. Each will bring up a different "site" on the World Wide Web! AWESOMA LINK MADNESS. (When was the last time you heard somebody actually use the words "world wide web"? Be honest.)


Ultimate Fighting Championship FUNNY leg-kick (warning: pretty violent, but sports always are)

Watchmen: The condensed version (Comics for the lazy)

Tales Of The Black Freighter - reconstructed (Comics)

Achewood Just For Me: Cabs are a penny (Comics)

Presidents Izen-Hower and Nee-Xon (Comics covers)

Pass me the grafting serum (Comics)

Snorlax on YouTube (Those guys are trying too hard)

Cultural differences (Joke)

Noe: Ship of Fools (Some cover)

Overheard in New York:
10th wedding anniversary
Tons of coke

Commodore 64 game of the day (Games)


Erotic video: Japanese girl shows how to kiss

How many Asians can you fit on a train?:

(Video sent in by Racist Rudolph)

Shocking math: 3 to the power of 4 * 425 = 34 425!! (Math)

The Blog of Mapa Apa! (actually Ma Paapa)

Best name ever (Names)

NOTE: LANKAR is Swedish for links.


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hi thaankyou for add

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