Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Currently Reading #18: 70s

Attentive SUPERBLOG!! readers may have noticed that I watch a lot of movies so when I accidentally bought Taschen's Best Movies of the 70s and realized that there were quite a few highlights of 1970s cinema that I had yet to ingest, I had to rectify that before I could read the book with a clear conscience. So I did and here we are.

As you can guess from the cover (featuring Liza Minnelli in a still from Cabaret), the book is edited and written by Germans and thus reflects German tastes and perspective. Me, I'd've put Marlon on the cover. But it's still a pretty good guide. Of the 55 films discussed, very few outright suck. Sure, plenty of them wouldn't make my personal Best-of list, but almost all have something to recommend them. The 70s was a good decade for film.

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