Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fun #26: Swedes

Today in FUN we'll be looking at some famous Swedes.

1 & 2. Lasse Berghagen (Lassie Mountainmeadow) and Loket (The Train). Two extremely popular and respected Swedish television personalities. The Train is the little fat one.

3. Pippi Lockstocking (with friends). Pippi is a fictional character and does not exist at all.

4. Lukas Moodysson. Lukas directed some movies before vanishing into obscurity. He was most famous for sometimes wearing bear-ears in public. In the photo he is using hand gestures to tell his critics to Shut the Fuck Up.

5. Lukas again, seen here with his posse of actors. To the right in the picture is Loa Falkman (Leo Hawkman), one of Sweden's top singers and racenteurs. Loa/Leo is also an actor and a baryton.

6. Bonus Swedish Fun Image! Is is a fake movie poster for a movie called "The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing" in Swedish. The title could be interpreted as anti-Semitic but I think it is just intended as some good old ripping FUN.

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