Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Season of Nutmeg is Upon Us

Ha ha! I was just kidding the other day, it's Christmas as usual - suckers! Have some nutmeg:

In addition to being a common household spice, nutmeg is known for its psychoactive properties as a deliriant. Deliriants are a family of strong psychoactive substances that include datura and amanita mushrooms.

Ha ha! It will fuck you up on Xmas Eve. Both royally and legally! WARNING: May cause dry mouth.

p.s. Santa is dead. Tell yr kids:

Ha ha! That's just a drawing on a 'plane and not an actual squashed Sandy Claws. Santa is alive and well. SANTA CAN NEVER DIE. Try and kill him all you want, it won't take.

1 comment:

Moocko said...

God fuck us, every one! Merry Krystmas, Soopahblögg!