Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Satan's Workshop

Hello SUPERBLOG!! fans. Today is Another Day Christmas in Sweden. It's a useless day, as is the 25th. Swedes celebrate Christmas on the 24th and then we basically do nothing until New Year's Eve except shop.

And what we do on Christmas Eve is give each other presents (well, most people. I don't) and eat ham and (wait for it) watch Disney cartoons on television. Really. See, back in the olden days Swedish TV was controlled by Evil Socialists and the only TV shows that were acceptable for kids were, like, low-budget Czech animation. Except on Christmas Eve, when the Walt Disney Christmas Show was aired! And thus was born a truly pathetic tradition, which still lives on in three million sad Swedish households.

The coolest part of the Xmas Show is linked above, courtesy of YouTube. It features talking dolls, a Jolly Fat Man, anus-drilling, Charlie Chaplin, offensive stereotypes and Schubert music. And that fucking chessboard paint has freaked out generations of Swedish kids. Witchcraft!!

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Josephine said...

I want that kind of paint... always wanted, still want!

Do you know the student-song-version of the Schubert-march?
"Feta fransyskor som svettas om fötterna, som trampar druvor som sedan ska jäsas till vin---"

Happy New Year - Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar!