Saturday, December 23, 2006


SUPERBLOG!! Entry No. 900. Yeah, there's been a lot of nonsensical and unamusing posts on SUPERBLOG!! recently and Pol Pot Week was a miserable failure and even Christer Fuglesang defied us by not only managing to get off-planet but, against all odds, actually returning safely from space, apparently only slightly brain-damaged. What a blow for SUPERBLOG!!'s staff, who had repeatedly predicted his downfall.

Having said that, I vow to make SUPERBLOG!! great again!! Starting tomorrow. Or maybe next week.

But for now, here's a list of crappy Christmas comedies you can see. Here's another such list. And here's Jimmy Olsen, Dick Hunter. And here's our good friend Dr Light, obsessed with rape it seems.

Laterz, Xmas haterz.


Sombody I Used to Know said...

Merry Fucking Christmas everybody!

Thx 4 the linx KM! Good times! I'm so fucking happy its Christmas, everything must have an exclamation point to prove my elation!

I love you all! Each and every one! (Except for Scott)!

must. drink. now.

Moocko said...

Nice bitch pictured.

Moocko said...

Also: MERRI ><-MAZ!

Sara said...

I had something to say, but that bitch covering up her breasts pisses me off. Why she gotta cover 'em? Fucking tease.

What? Oh yeah. Merry Christmas party people.