Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Feeling Is Mutual

Son of Hitler Week was originally intended as a one-off joke (we said this was supposed to be Mr Pot Week, remember?), but I suddenly realized the theme fits today's entry like a... like a well-fitting theme.

Because today's entry is dedicated to exposing the depravity of my co-blogger. Have you noticed that Uncle Sammy AKA Hitler Junior accounts for less than 20 percent of all SUPERBLOG!!'s entries recently? It's true! I can prove it with graphs!!

Thus I declare open season on Uncle until such time as he gets off his fat ass and starts blogging good and plentiful! If you see him - shoot!

SUPERBLOG!!: Wants Uncle Sammy Dead (That's what the headline meant, see. Did you get it before I explained it? Good for you! You are very clever.)

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