Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Photo #119: Fat Bald Face Eating Birdie

Folks !!! I'm home! Sweeeeeet !!!! I took picture of baldy birdie to celebrate our American visitors. Hi American visitors! How are you today?

Fat Bald Face Eating Birdie was chained and pained in Jungle Park Facility Tourist Eating Attraction in Tenerife. Read abouts the whooooos and whaaaaas now or never.

LAS ÁGUILAS – JUNGLE PARK is a fantastic zoological and botanical park with over 75,000 m² of jungle, over 500 animals, walking paths with tunnels, suspension bridges, waterfalls, lagoons, and caves, as well as free flight shows featuring exotic birds and birds of prey.We offer you an unforgettable experience in which you will discover how wildlife, animals and plants work together to give shape to a dazzling ecosystem in the SOUTH of TENERIFE.

It was an unforgettable experience. Because I was sober and now I can't forget the tortured eyes of the little creatures. I have constant flashbacks and it's like a VCR playing in my head constantly repeating the howls of agony from birdies and baby baboons and you name it.

Lesson learned could be to be drunk even when visiting dazzling ecosystems.

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Matthew said...

That Eagle got fat from eating at McDonalds and drinking Coca Cola just like that other eagle: Don Henley.