Friday, March 23, 2007

Worst Swedish Prime Minister Ever

Yuk! That's Palme (to the left) being happy after successfully blowing Castro. He was Swedish prime minister for too many years. Well betwwen 1969 - 1976 and then 1982 until 1986 when he got shot by Christer Pettersson, nowadays Sweden's most famous dead alcoholic. He's the dude in the picture below. Palme's wife is pretty certain that it was Christer who shot her husband and she said so after witness confrontations and stuff but since Swedish law is kinda lame he never went down with it. Instead he drank lots of booze and died like 2003 or something.

Hi! I'm Christer, and I've never hurt anybody!!!

Well, need to go and see LOOOOST s3e13 now so I'lll just post that picture below. You really need to click it to see it in full effect. I'm not saying tahat it was right that drunken Christer shot our prime minister but yes I'm saying that Palme was a commie. Totally.

Maybe he was cool sometimes but bottom line: COMMIE.


Koala Mentala said...

You're way right.

(Just felt it was a shame that such an insightful post didn't get any comments.)

Uncle Sammy said...

It's like throwing gold bricks at pigs.