Monday, March 27, 2006

SUPERBLOG!! to Stop Sucking in 2006!

Indeed. Let this photo of tennis player Maria Sharapova devouring a refreshing, cock-shaped banana stand as a sign of SUPERBLOG!!'s holy pledge to STOP SUCKING as soon as humanly possible.

Come to think of it, the image sends mixed signals. It could just as well indicate that we vow to keep sucking. Such is not the case. We want to put an end to our suckiness, however much fun sucking might be, for all involved. But... how do we do that? We've been sucking for so long now, I fear we may not know how to stop!!!!!!!!!!!

Help us, SUPERBLOG!! readers (if there are any of you left)! Tell us what we should do! If you're not with SUPERBLOG!!, you're with the terrorists, YOU TERRORIST-LOVING FUCKING SCUM.


Matthew said...

First! To stop sucking, might I suggest: pictures of celebrities with their faces replaced with those of monkeys and/or apes? The pic above would be a fine candidate.

Sara said...

Scan stuff! More pictures of scanned stuff! And make more plans to have a steamy affair with me.

Goo said...

and me!!

but seriously though. tell us about swedeland, and about the meatballs you all make. tell us things that will make us laugh, or make us cry... and try to DRAW more. you never draw for us anymore. draw self portraits :-). i'll pay you. and put the toilet seat down. and be mean to us, but then love us tenderly. do all these things and you shall cease to suck any longer. you will see.

Koala Mentala said...

So we have three readers left? Brilliant.

zenmonki said...

Stop your freaking whining before I call a Wah!mbulance to whisk you off to whiny-ass pansy-land.

My blog gets like three comments a year, you wankers.

Koala Mentala said...

Yeah, but SUPERBLOG!! is our primary source of income!! When we don't get enough hits, our children starve!!!!!!!