Saturday, March 18, 2006

To Infinity!

Looks like we're going to Dusseldorf today. Any time now. Right on. Dude. Have no time for this. Must put stuff in bag and put bag in car and start car and drive. Bad picture. This better picture and also better post. Leave now and go read better post.


Moocko said...

We're awaiting vacation reports!

Smart Mouth said...

yay, vaca!!!

in other news, remember that kid whose blog was something about how spelling is for losers? the dream about the dying grandma? the good funniness? WHO was he? WHERE is his blog?

it's on here somewhere, but i really don't have the patience to search through the blog of two nutjob strangers just to find some other nutjob stranger's blog.

thing is, i'm supposed to be writing a paper... i'm bored. BORED. i need other people's creative inanity (there's that word again) to keep me going.

anyone? anyone? if you tell me where to find that funny kid, i'll write a poem. i promise.

Sara said...

You go on holiday more then anyone I know. And I hate you a little bit because of it.

Uncle Sammy said...

We rule. You are losers. We are master people.

Koala Mentala said...

You go on holiday more then anyone I know.

Well, that's because SUPERBLOG!! is very demanding work. We have to take a break now and then to get our creative juices flowing.

Smart Mouth, I'm not sure who you're thinking of. I sounds like it might be the Captain.