Thursday, March 30, 2006

Cool Fat American Burns Flag, Bill of Rights, Bible, Koran

He's bold and bald. Check him out! (5 MB video clip, wmv format)

Kids, if you don't go out and burn stuff, the terrorists will have already won.


Goo said...

Koala, Afe loves you.

Smart Mouth said...

Hey, that cool fat American was totally cool and totally fat. And totally American. Nice.

I call upon all the free people of the world to figure out how many clicks it takes to get to Tom Cruise, without typing his name into any search engine. Either that or to read Goo's most recent interview. Either that, or to get your asses outside and torch some idols. But not American Idols. Well, maybe Kelly Pickler. My GOD is she stupid. Or that damn wide-smiled doofus Ace. That mofo can go home now.

Matthew said...

At the end, he should have cooked up some hotdogs.