Thursday, March 16, 2006

Nazi Death Squads Invaded My Mind

They told me to continue publishing my glorious novel on SUPERBLOG!! and I will. VERY. SHORTLY.

They told me to link to an animated gif of Tom Cruise and Tom Cruise.

They told me to link to an animated gif of an Ewok and his friend.

Hey, Eniro - Spanaren! What do you have to say for y'self?

Just nu söker man på

· fönsterbänkar
· Karl-Olof Hammarkvist
· nude underage model

Like that's anything. And what about now?

· 1
· jackass
· "Marie Cavalier" joachim
· boyfucklady
· tiava
· webbisar stockholm
· parasollsegel

You so crazy.


Smart Mouth said...

Ahhh the return of the lunatic.

Thank fucking god.

Koala Mentala said...

The return of the good gumbo? How do you know it's not just cheap wine talking? CAN'T SLEEP, NAZIS WILL EAT ME.

Smart Mouth said...

How about just the return of things that entertain ms. shoe.

Sara said...

I vote for pictures of stuff you scanned! I will not, however, make a huge deal about it like Moocow did with the Marco Polo comics.

Moocko said...

That's because you don't RULE as much as I do.