Thursday, December 03, 2009

Alan Moore in Forbes Magazine

Long-time some-time SUPERBLOG!! contributing prag Moko Chapman (you remember him) (he drew this, among other stuff) created this picture in his computer because he is a genius! Mr. Chapman, I mean, not the computer (who is also male). Although the computer is very clever as well! The picture depicts a vision I once had of Alan Moore as a greedy Watchmen movie-money-grubby-grabbing greedy sort of fellow interviewed by Forbes magazine. The real Alan, who is nothing like that, is nothing like that. Although he wears a similar hat! Hats, Mr. Moore believes, are the seat of man's consciousness. Without hats we would be nothing.

Image © 2009 Alan Moore, Inc. and Michelle Forbes. Used with permission.


Moocko said...

I only wish I would've had more (Moore!) time with the picture. Then Forbes themselves maybe would've bought it for like a zillion dållars and actually written the article!

KM said...

Yes, that might very well have happened.