Thursday, March 19, 2009

Watchmen Fun Linkage

It's easy to make fun of Watchmen but it still has to be done.

Saturday Morning Watchmen (video, also on YouTube)

I dit it!

Nite Owl & Rorschach in Presidential Trouble!

How The Studios Would Have Ended 'Watchmen' (A Storyboard) (yes, a storyboard)

Dr Manhattan condoms (actual promotional item)

104 Ways to Hilariously Ruin the Watchmen Movie (photoshop contest)

Just Imagine... Stan Lee Creating Watchmen

Social Media's Watchmen (brilliant)

10 Reasons the Watchmen Movie Will Suck (I really should have posted this before the movie)

Avenue: An illustrated history of Watchmen from page to screen (not humor either)

Producer Don Murphy calls Alan Moore "a hypocrite" and "a liar" (hilarious news item)

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