Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Ten Murphys of Murphymass!

It's Murphymass. Let's celebrate all the Murphys we know! These are the ten Murphys of Murphymass!!

1. Brittany. The best of all possible Murphys. She's in heaven now.

2-3. Alex & Sean. One was a robotic cop, the other a correctional officer. Neither of them existed, but were rather portrayed by professional "actors" who just pretended to be Alex & Sean. When this ugly truth was exposed, people were appalled and turned on them.

4. Bleeding Gums. One of the boringest of all Simpsons characters. And that's saying a lot considering how mediocre the once-excellent show has turned in recent years. Although the last season (#21) has so far been an improvement on the 20th. No thanks to Bleeding Gums!

5. Cillian. Slightly famous person who has, again, been employed as a professional "actor". The difference to Alex & Sean though is that in this case he himself is the actual Murphy, and the persons whose lives he acts out on screen are only pretend. There is no such thing as a scarecrow.

6. Brown. Unlike most people on this list, her FIRST name is Murphy. Totally crazy.

7. Can't remember her name. She's a model that popped up in Google Image search. But she deserves a spot on this Murphymass list as much as anyone.

8. Eddie. Of course! The star of Meet Dave.

9. Michael. Semi-known although mostly unknown for Robert Altman's classic Tanner '88 and its not-quite-as-good-but-still-worthwhile follow-up Tanner on Tanner.

10. Oakes. Obviously we couldn't leave the fourteenth Governor of Arizona Territory off this list. Learn all about his fascinating life on Wikipedia!

Next Murphymass: 10 different Murphys!* MERRY MURPHYMASS EVRYBUDY

*Or the same. Or none at all.


Moocko said...

Merry X-mas, Superblog!!

KM said...

Does the X by any chance stand for "Murphy"? (Because if it doesn't you will sadly have to burn in a fire.)