Friday, July 17, 2009

Videos and Piracy and Comics

Oops, I forgot to blog for a bunch of days. That will be rectified in the following days and weeks and long, dark years. We start today with a few links to things and places on the Internets:

YouTube: My Dick By Mickey Avalon (Lyrics). This was apparently playing over the end credits to episode 2 of Hung, which I downloaded from the Internets. But the evil release group had cut the end credits, as they often do. This is why piracy is wrong.

Speaking of piracy: You wouldn't go to the toilet in a policeman's helmet is satire but at the same time an authentic Don't Copy That Floppy sequel promises prison beatings for copying (via Unfitting). Oh what a world, what a world.

Piracy in Swedish: Kalle Anka utbildar dagens unga i upphovsrätt and pirate remix of same. As I said, it's in Swedish. But still.

Vintage comics: I Loved a Teenage Beatnik (via Journalista)

Another vintage comic, as in from 2007/08: Left Field, a 200+ page baseball comic (I downloaded it six billion years ago but finally got around to reading it. It's good. Incidentally, and just to relate this to the overarching blog post theme of piracy, the author is responsible for this quotation, which is funny even though I personally don't entirely stand behind it. I believe in piracy, just like I believed in Harvey Dent.)

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