Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bradley is Champ!

Playing Bradleyball with Booger Moko in the country, kicking his ass!

The score after 2 innings is 28-23 to the Bradster!


Moocko said...

56-56 is the current scoreo, after third inning. How will it end? Only the Bradley in heaven knows. Maybe. Well, Bradley knows everything. At least he's laughing. That Bradstah.

KM said...

Fourth inning results: 72-66!


KM said...

Results after fifth inning: 81-80 to me, Bradley made flesh. Incredibly even but there's little doubt that the Bradster will win out in the end.

Moocko said...

The last inning is over and not surprisingly Moocko the Man reigned supreme! In the last round the score was 99-98 and Mr. M's balls of fury plowed the field like a winning lawnmower machine. I'm not sure but I think I heard the birds whistle "The Winner Takes It All" as the exciting game was over.

KM said...

This is as if Ivan Drago would have won in Rocky IV. I congratulate my enemy on this, the first day of his life he's ever felt like a winner. HOWEVER, I still can't help feeling that this is a crime against nature. No matter what the (obviously biased) judges say, everybody knows Bradley is the TRUE winner.

KM said...

So the final score, after six innings, was 100 to Drago and 98 to the Bradley.

Portrait of the winner.

How it should have ended.