Friday, October 17, 2008

Internet Piracy is Good Because it Feels Good

I meant to quote this last November but I didn't but now it's almost November again:

I’ve stolen loads and loads and loads of music, etc. I wasn’t “sampling” every Velvet Underground record. They weren’t being “promoted” when I took their music– they aren’t going to make money from me when the Velvet Underground go on tour. It was stealing. It felt great. I’d do it again, if my current copies got damaged somehow. I bought the Loaded album years ago, and I stole it again anyways. I once shot a man just to watch him die.

Why is that hard for other people to admit???

I know noone likes to see themselves as the bad guy, and likes to talk about how the “MPAA and RIAA are parasites” but– SO ARE YOU. You’re getting revenge on contracts between the MPAA and OTHER PEOPLE WHO DON’T KNOW YOU AND WOULDN’T LIKE YOU IF THEY DID? Thank you, Internet Zorro!

- Abhay Khosla

(No, it's got nothing to do with November. I don't know why I implied it did.)

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