Tuesday, July 07, 2009

"Tanzanian Witch Doctor": A Comic Strip about a Tanzanian Witch Doctor

I used stripcreator to create a comic strip about a Tanzanian Witch Doctor who buys a house in the Hamptons and then visits a friend to tell him all about it, and the misadventures that happen. Here are parts one through four:

Tanzanian Witch Doctor, Part 1

Tanzanian Witch Doctor, Part 2

Tanzanian Witch Doctor, Part 3

Tanzanian Witch Doctor, Part 4

You'll notice that it ends on a cliffhanger. I'm hoping to one day expand the strip into a full-length graphic novel and have it published by Fantagraphics or someone.


Moocko said...

That devil is über-insane.

And look! It's the witch doctor from JerkCity.com!

KM said...

Bah, your comment is riddled with inaccuracies and falsities and slander and wrongness!

1. There is no "devil" in the strip.

2. I created the Tanzanian Witch Doctor based on a design by Jim Woodring for Microsoft Comic Chat.

3. FFS!

Moocko said...

Yeah, but the witch doctor is famous for being a JerkCity character and the comic creator-website also says "jerkcity". Jim Woodring... Jim RINGWORM!

KM said...

That comment is even worse.

1. I created the Witch Doctor.

2. If the character is famous it is because of me.


Moocko said...

Yeah, it's probably true that you created the witch doctor. Because in JC I think the character with that likeness is just a random cocksucker (no irony - they're sucking a lots of cock in JC).

KM said...

They've turned my Witch Doctor into a random cocksucker!?! I'll fucking sue the semen out of them!

Uncl said...

Good strip! I am in Mora! 4 letters 4-evah!

KM said...

LOL Mora. Sweden's cradle AND grave.