Sunday, September 03, 2006

KoalaCam #20: Terrifying Mutant Cheese Ball

Click it! Click it! Make with the clickie! It's like six cheese balls in one. Ghastly! Gorgeous! Genius! How can such a monstrosity be allowed to EXIST?! Is there no GOD?! Also check out my sexy, naked, sexy foot.

Yes! It's Snack Sunday here at SUPERBLOG!!. The snacks are the law here. Beautiful and merciless.

I think I may be slightly drunk. But! I also think I'm not nearly drunk enough.


Moocko said...

I remember, fairly well I must say, that you ate that... that "thing" with gusto. Check out my Swedish SNUFF-container with a self-made star on it!

Koala Mentala said...

Normally MooCow is full of shit but this time he speaks the truth. I let him into my home to worship the cheese ball.

KM said...

It was good.