Tuesday, April 25, 2006

KoalaCam #11: Legless in Duesseldorf

I took this picture while lying on the floor outside my hotel room in Germany a month or so ago. I stumbled and fell. BUT, to my credit, I got up shortly afterwards (before falling down again, this time onto my bed). The ghost in the background is my co-blogger. He had his own problems.

When I awoke, I had a headache. I took a shower and then assumed a fetal position while listening to bob hund on my iPod Nano. I tried to watch German television, but it was in German. I drank from the beer on my table, but it was stale. Everything had gone wrong.


Matthew said...

Well at least you didn't just fall asleep in the hallway.

Goo said...

you're such a photo tease.

Goo said...

ipod nano? heh, i've got an ipod invisa! hollds 1 billion songs.

Scott said...

Lets see the real superblah

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Goo said...

last night i had a dream i was in sweden, i swear to god. and i envisioned that photo of the 3 swedish flags and a beautiful forest and stream. and a cafe' and you were there, and you were there, and the scarecrow too.

ok everythings true except the scarecrow part.

Koala Mentala said...

Goo, your dream seems to indicate that you are a lesbian.

And I've got two college degrees and I'm still on a path to nowhere, so don't fall for Señor D6g55wxew's ad. College degrees destroy lives!