Monday, January 21, 2008

We Have A Weiner!

The proud winner of the Xoaxh Xarter Xmax Xontext is a man/boy who called himself "Mookster the Mook" in his correspondence. Longtime SUPERBLOG!! readers may recognize him as a longtime SUPERBLOG!! reader. As promised, Mook, or, as he's more often known, "the Chap", will be sent a personalized DVD containing the movie Coach Carter, or, if that turns out to be illegal, something else entirely.

The Chap was kind enough to participate in a mini-interview, part of which I publish here now. (Please note: There were originally 19 questions and answers. Some of the answers reproduced here have been edited for space, others have been pointlessly changed. For instance, his actual answer to the last question was "fish".)

Mini-Interview with the Weiner

b) How does it feel to win? Answer in 1 word or less.
The Chap: Supploy!

c) What are you going to do with the prize? Answer in 25 words or less.
TC: I'll put it on display in the living room for my whole family to see! And then I will watch the movie. I think I'll like it!

i) How often, if ever, do you read SUPERBLOG!!?
TC: Several times a day! It is a good friend.

j) How, if possible, could SUPERBLOG!! be improved to suit YOUR needs?
TC: Well, I can't STAND the thought of there being no more reviews of movies. That would destroy me.

s) What animal would you like to read LESS about on SUPERBLOG!!?
TC: Tiger!

Congratulations, Chapman! May your Prize bring you a lifetime of joy.


Moocko said...

I am the Champions! I am the Champions! No time for loooosers 'cos I am the Champions!

Mookster said...