Wednesday, January 16, 2008

KoalaCam #24: The Owl is Back in Town

I took this picture with my own two hands. It portrays a midnight owl. Lookit the owl! OWG look @ the OWL. Where I come here's how we write owl: O\/\/L. I come from the suburbs.

Today's Google word: orubtubg

Owl photograph © 2008 K. W. Mentala


Mookster said...

Orubtubg? That's not a word, it's a spoon!

spidercrazy said...

I wonder what Leland has to say about this.

Koala Mentala said...

Spidermonkey!! I thought for sure you were DEAD. You're not, are you?

Goo said...

Owls are full of awesome!! But they are annoying in the sense that they are constantly asking questions.

Sorry for neglecting SUPERBLOG!! so much lately you guys. I started a channel on YouTube which has turned into my new favorite pass time over blogging. Its chalk full of goo-goodness; time-lapse painting videos, musical collaborations (i recently learned to play the theramin), and typical nonsensical goo expressions of LOVE!! TO THE WORLD!! If you wanna see, send me a msg.

Nice to see you guys are still bringing the fun!! XOXO

Koala Mentala said...

Shit, I forgot to bring the fun!! Maybe 2morra.

Yeah I wanna see. Show me. Show me. Show it to me.

goo said...

u hav male.