Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh Noes Wobbly!

blind people SUCK

I think I'm gonna bring the FUN tomorrow. Or maybe the next day. Anywaze, the FUN is imminent. You know, that thing we counted down to. Unsuccessfully, as it were. Anywaze, return here tomorra for some FUN. Or maybe the day after that, or whenever.

To mark the seriousness of this paradigm shift, I think we're gonna start attributing the images we use to, like, the people who own them. Like so:

Wobbly image: © Unknown.


koala mentala said...

I accidentally logged out and I'm in WAY too much of a hurry to log back in and update the blog entry, so I'll add this post script here in the comments:

Also, it's for the benefit of blind people and the seeing challenged, who will now be able to surf SUPERBLOG!! just as well as the seeing and know that like there's a WOBBLY image somewhere in this post. This instead of using the alt tag which I'm too important a guy to do.

koala mentala said...

Wait, I think I'm gonna log back in anyway because I thought of a funny alt tag to add.

koala mentala said...

wait that wasn't funny :-((

koala mentala said...

FOUR comments already? This is a very popular SUPERBLOG!! post.

Mookster said...

I'm sitting here, staring at the WOBBLERINO, getting dizzy and getting no work done at all.

Anonymous said...

Finally! I saw it wobble!