Friday, August 17, 2007

Video #1: Anna Book Rocks Fat on Ship of Death!!

Yes! We're fucking video capable now we SUPERBLOGGERS! It's Anna Book! The video was shot on our first journey with the Ship of Death. Or maybe it was our second journey. It was not the third. Anyway. Here's Anna Again and again and again!! As you might notice Anna Book has a huge place in the heart of SUPERBLOG!! so she got the honor of being the subject of analysis in the first video EVER POSTED here at SUPERBLOG!! You rock Anna!!

UPDATE!! When I said first video EVER POSTED I meant first video with original SUPERBLOGGING content EVER POSTED but most of you dumbasses understood that, right?


Koala Mentala said...

Yes! And it was the first trip.

Goo said...

Jesus, I haven't heard you say anything about Anna Book for ages. I only know because I'm a dumbass who has been reading your blog for way too long.

Uncle Sammy said...

You are not a dumbass Goo, you are a true believer!