Saturday, August 04, 2007


Tomorrow Michael Keaton Returns to SUPERBLOG!!. Unless I change my mind. For now, here's a blog post which I'll label "slask".

SUPERBLOG!! Cartoon of the Day: A New Bunny. I can't remember if I ever linked to this so I'm doing it now again unless I never did in which case I'm doing it for the first time ever.

SUPERBLOG!! Site of the Day: Tommy Corn's blog. Ha ha! It's just Marky Mark in disguise.

SUPERBLOG!! Game of the Day: Eight letters in search of a word. Playing games is good.

SUPERBLOG!! Comic Strip of the Day: To be quilted by Mr Quilt! Teh horror!!

Speaking of comical booklets, Abhay is my favorite comics reviewer because he makes me think. Here he is with the SUPERBLOG!! Quote of the Day:

You can say "I just want something that entertains me" but does being entertained in this particular way make you smarter, faster, cooler, more popular, more successful? Bottom-line: if you had to kill a deer, right now, with your hands-- could you snap a deer's neck with your bare hands? Or if you were walking down the street, and a fucking elk came charging at you, could you drop that elk with a kung-fu chop to the elk's forehead, and then pass your genetic information into the elk's womb, and give birth to a new species of man-elk hybrid?

p.s. The likeness of Michael Keaton above was drawn by Steve Murray AKA Chip Zdarsky and stolen from Canada's National Post by ME.


Chip said...

I am honoured and angered and horny. Mostly honoured. Actually, mostly horny.

Koala Mentala said...

I love people who google their own names! I want to have sex with them all, but there's so little time.