Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Celebrate the Good Times!

No, it's not my co-blogger Unky Sammy's birthday (and he's not 200 years old anyway, he's closer to 60). But I wanted to post this to congratulate Sam on actually blogging MORE than I have over the last week. That is almost unheard of. Sure, I've been out of town, saving the universe (in style), but that's a poor excuse. I'm sure I could have blogged if I wanted to (though it might have meant a few orphans starving). In contrast, Sam, normally the laziest laze who ever lazed, has kept things semi-going on SUPERBLOG!! Good for him.

But! Now times are going to change around here! Oh yes sir indeedy. Because I, the elusive Koala M. (no, that's too obvious, make it "K. Mentala") will start blogging again. Soon! And it will be good. Very shortly.

Any day now. Watch the skies.

The image was one of many posted by Spurgeon yesterday, on the occasion of Jack Kirby's 90th birthday. If he had lived, which he didn't. Which is a shame.


Matthew said...

Did you ever read Spider-Man #'s 1-5 by Todd McFarland? That storyline first got me hooked into Spider-man and looking back, it is hands-down one of the worst spidey stories ever.

What brings this to mind?

Didn't Kirby help edit the letters page on this title?

Koala Mentala said...

Of course I did, I'm a comics nerd. Yes, it seemed cool back then! Yes, it's unreadable today! I never heard anything about Kirby editing the latter pages, tho. It sounds INSANE.

spidercrazy said...

His name is Todd McFarlane. At least he deserves to get his name right, even if he can't draw... uh... never mind, I don't really care.

Koala Mentala said...

But you DO care, Spidey! And so should we. (Me, I was too polite to correct Matthew.)