Saturday, July 14, 2007

Scotland No. 2

Hello my children! How are you? We are in Glasgow, Scotland. They have corn here. Also chicken, fried in Kentucky, the Kentucky way. This is us sitting in the hotel lobby typing. Do you make music? Hello!

Now it is time to leave, soon. Shortly. We will go out and paint the town red with the blood of innocent Glaswegians. Or maybe they will, with ours. Blood, that is.

An ugly man just passed by. (There are a great many ugly people here in Scotland.) Let's go out and hunt them down. With britney spears.


Moocko said...

Say hello to Bobby Gillespie! Happy Summers, guyz!

koala in the UK said...

Fuck you, Bobby Gillespie! You should've never left JAMC! You lowlife you!