Saturday, July 07, 2007

My Summer, Part 3: Comics & Beer

SUPERBLOG!! Link of the Day: Manga-esque Simpsons

Summer continues:

Day 10: Read 52 Vol 1. It was decent.
Day 11: Went with my Dad to the mall, bought 3 DVDs. Hooray! Read Punisher Max: The Slavers. Full review may be forthcoming.
Day 12: Watched The Queen, read Punisher Max: Barracuda. Both good.
Day 13: Spent half an hour waiting in line on the phone with my parents' ISP. Finished Showcase Presents Superman Vol 3 (I'm really on a nostalgic superhero binge here). Shaved. Went drinking and shooting the shit with Rudolf. (Level of intoxication: 2.6)
Day 14: Finished Savage Dragon Archives Volume 3 which reads exactly like it was written and drawn by a teenage boy (though in a fairly good way). Listened to the Beach Boys. Had a few beers with my pal Xerxes. (Level of intoxication: 1.6)
Day 15 (yesterday): Went to the foot guy and received a clean bill of foot health. Went to the country. Went drinking with Sammy & Rudolf the Designated Driver. Mocked the latter mercilessly, for reasons previously indicated on SUPERBLOG!! (Level of intoxication: 3.9)

And SO... life stumbles on.


Björn Fridén said...

Helt grym bild!

Goo said...

KM Here in the U. S. the legal limit is 0.08% (80 mg/dL). What scale are you basing your level of intoxication on, 4 point? May make a difference in understanding how drunkard you are getting.

Koala Mentala said...

Björn: Yes.

Goo: I use the same system the E.U. courts use nowadays:
0.0 = You're stone-cold sober.
1.0 = You've had a drink or two.
2.0 = You're pleasantly tipsy. Probably shouldn't drive.
3.0 = You're somewhat drunk. Definitely shouldn't drive.
4.0 = You're too drunk to be able to deny it and expect people to believe you. Probably should take care when doing complex stuff like opening doors and walking.
5.0 = You're drunk enough to accidentally damage yourself or somebody else badly (physically or otherwise). Definitely shouldn't try to move without escort.

Goo said...

Bjorn! (teehee)