Friday, October 02, 2009

Don't Slam Bradley!

ITEM! It's fashionable to speak ill of Bradley Cooper nowadays, but if you think about it honestly for a moment: Don't you suck just as hard? Maybe even harder, because Bradley has mountains of cash and a gold Lexus and gets whores aplenty (at a Hollywood discount, no less!). Whereas you cry yourself to sleep every night clutching an empty bottle of cheap bourbon.

ITEM! I should post a link to Dracula Part 5 because I believe I linked to the rest. Abhay Dracukhosla! You rock, somewhat.

ITEM! Xenomorph Enchantment Under the Sea, motherfuckers! Dance! Dance!

ITEM! 90s teen hearthrob Luke Perry makes naked Swedish film in the idyllic seaside village of Trosa AKA Panty (no shit), south of Stockholm (also probably true, consult Google Maps). Amazing! I liked it when they bricked him in in Oz. Will he be bricked in this time too? Very possibly.

ITEM! No more items.


Moocko said...

Are you ready in there, Luke Perry? I saw a clip from the "Swedish Luke Perry movie" yesterday - he was about to kiss a girl, and made a disgusted grunt when she had to remove her "snus" first.

KM said...

I've heard of snus!