Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wednesday is Odin's Day

It is, you could look it up. Today is the day of Odin Quincannon, the malicious meat magnate of Salvation, Texas. He sure liked his meat, that guy. Although the day wasn't actually named for him but for another guy called Odin (or Oden or Woden or Óðinn or Wotan). Here's a biography of the proper Odin. You know, Odin, the living omnipotence:

Kirby's Odin is a bit '60s, as opposed to Quincannon, who is a very 90s kind of guy. But Odin fucking lives, bitches! (And Asgard dies.) Odin is also a Swedish satellite.

And now you know... the rest of the story.


Moocko said...

Oh boy, I can't wait until Friday!!

KM said...

It will be friggin awesome! Esp. in Ireland!

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