Friday, September 05, 2008

Secret Fish

Typical: I proclaim this week Lazy Blogging Week on Monday, and follow that by posting more frequently than I have in many months. That's so fucking SUPERBLOG!!. (Is what I would say if it wasn't an extremely nerdy thing to say.) (And Lord knows I'm no nerd. I'm cooler than cool. My code name in the CIA would be Cold Fish. Secret Agent Cold Fish.) (Illustration.) Not only have the posts been frequent, but they've all been of stellar quality. Maybe too good. So to even things out, I want to announce that next week on SUPERBLOG!! will be Worst Blogging Week Ever. See you there and then.

p.s. Some links:

I used to dislike Fox News but now I think they are awesome! Chutzpah! is the word. Or childishness.

For Swedes: Obama Academy!

Worst comic strip ever: Loki, Your Fuzzy Forest Friend

Pictured: Cool McCool.


mookster said...

>My code name in the CIA would be Cold Fish. Secret A
gent Cold Fish.<


Those comics were great though.

Uncle Sammy said...

Gold Fish! Haha! Being LAZY rules! Why are you so sucky in your futile attempts on being LAZY mr. Gold Fish?

Uncle Sammy said...

Hey! WAit I am mr. Gold Fish! Apparently. You sir are mr. Fish Stick.

Uncle Sammy said...

Now I have posted 3!!!!! comments. It counts as blogging,.

Koala Mentala said...

Your code name, dearest uncle, is Mr Blowfish and also Mr Suckfish!