Monday, September 08, 2008

Fun #15: President Bush is Evil and Stupid

Welcome back to Worst Blogging Week Ever. One of the many bad things about SUPERBLOG!! is that both me (Koala) and Sammy wear our politics (Ultra-Liberal Sissiness and Randian Crypto-Fascism, respectively) on our sleeves and sometimes the blog devolves into propaganda. Let's celebrate that tendency with this post!

Apparently there's an election coming up in October and I sure hope George W Bush (coincidentally the worst president ever!) gets voted out of the White House! Until then, here are some images from around the web that show how stupid and/or evil Bush really is:

WARNING: Some or most of these images have nothing to do with being stupid or evil and the last one isn't even of Dubya.

ANOTHER WARNING: These images are © some people (not me).


Uncle Sammy said...

But... Coke is cool and fucking Obama, no wait, Usama in the ass is cool too! Only thing is that I wouldn't like to do the actual fucking since I'm straight and conservative and all but it's still cool if someone could do it. Red Skull looks cool too. Who is he?

Koala Mentala said...

It's cool but hypocritical because Dubya is against both coke and buttfucking.

Red Skull is the archenemy of Captain America. Also: Zing!