Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Some Internet

Why does this girl seem so content while inspecting the shadow of her bullet-ridden body? Doesn't she realize she must be very close to death? (Little Dot's uncle is famous Batman villain Mr. Polka-Dot.)

YouTube: Check out the music video for Weezer's song "Pork and Beans", featuring all your favorite YouTube stars and memes. Barenaked Ladies did pretty much the same thing in 2006 with their video for "Sound of Your Voice".

Jack Chick's "Lisa": Did you know child abuse can be forgiven within minutes? Thank God for Jesus.

Another comic: How to behave during a job interview. I've tried it and it works pretty good.

The Doomsday argument: Humanity is halfway gone, says Science. So there's no reason to brush your teeth anymore.

There should be more links here but I misplaced the rest.


Scott said...


mookster said...

I was surprised as I first hastily glanced at the links and saw that one of them was marked as visited. It was the last one.

Matthew said...

I loved the Pork and Beans video. Why weren't you in it,though?

Koala Mentala said...

Scott: YOU are awesome!!!!!!! :-(

Mookster: It doesn't matter because it's all bullshit. :-((

Matthew: Because I'm not a YouTube star. I've always wanted to be one but I can't afford a camera. :-(((

Anonymous said...

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