Saturday, May 03, 2008

"Did You Accept Jesus Christ As Your Own Personal Savior?"

Because if you haven't, you're definitely fucked. You didn't think it was enough to just follow the Ten Commandments and believe in the Golden Rule, did you? The above is Rodney & Syd's movie adaptation of the Jack Chick's "Somebody Goofed". Here's the original Chick Tract (also available in a slightly less animated YouTube version) and you should maybe also check out "Oops!", a remake aimed at a blacker audience than the original. (Comics critic Jog reviews and compares the two tracts.)

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Anonymous said...

You can find more of these short films based on Chick Tracts in a collection called "Hot Chicks" over at You should check out these guys "Titanic" tract/film as well. It's great!!!