Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ze Hunter and Ze Bear

Serguei Vorojtsov tells you a story about a bear BUT what color is the bear?!? If you can figure that out you are way smarter than the average SUPERBLOG!! reader.

"I do it and I understand"!


spidercrazy said...

To figure something out requires you haven't heard the question before, so my answer would be meaningless. Maybe I should do something useful instead of reading Superblog!! all day... yeah, that would be smart.

Koala Mentala said...

By "reading Superblog!!* all day", do you mean checking through the Archives, or re-reading the latest post over and over?

*Actually it's SUPERBLOG!!

Goo said...

uh, north pole, and white with blood spots on it, assuming he shot the bear.

i remembered this from high school physics class.

thx for the teaser :-)