Saturday, February 16, 2008

Vampires in Offices

It's good to have friends but if you don't have real friends you can have PRETEND friends on the Internet. And those can create videos that they put on YouTube and one of them is SUPERBLOG!! fan Matthew P, who is a SCAB because he recently made a PILOT for a television series and here is that pilot and it is called Weird Office Tales and it has Dracula:

Go Matthew! Go vampires!

(I am a tiny bit inebriated because I had a few beers with my real-life friend Xerxes, but mostly I am tired. That is why this blog post is less expertly composed than my usual brilliant entries.)

(p.s. Who has the worst work ethic? Death match in the comments here.)


Matthew said...

Xerxes looks pissed! Did you take the last beer or something?

Koala Mentala said...

You would have been correct it I hadn't really misrepresented Xervex becuz really he is quite mellow. Also he's probly wondering wtf happened w his life, as am I.

Also, U ROCK matthew. I'll have sex w U when I turn gay. (probly soon)