Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm reading Superman now

Superman was a Jew and he did not like Hitler at all.

Superman is Kal-El of the family that had been known on Krypton as "The House of El," in Hebrew Beit El, which means "The House of God." Over the nearly seven decades since Superman first appeared, there have been numerous Jewish connections from Jewish creators Siegel and Shuster to Jewish director of Superman Returns, Bryan Singer.

Hitler did not like Superman (big no no) but he really really liked Snow White.

The director of a war museum in northern Norway claims that he has discovered cartoons of Disney characters that late Nazi leader Adolf Hitler drew during World War II.
William Hakvaag said that he found the drawings hidden in a painting signed "A. Hitler", which he purchased at an auction in Germany.
According to him, the coloured cartoons were of the characters Bashful and Doc from the 1937 Disney film 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs', which were signed A.H.

Walt Disney was not a Jew. Some say he was an antisemite but the Jewish Chronicle says that he was cool. If you're a jew you can enjoy Disney movies without guilt.

First, Disney hired Jews, lots of Jews. Disney was not himself Jewish, of course, but the success of his business owed a great deal to a Jew. The bedrock of Disney was Walt’s merchandising partner, the Jewish Kay Kamen, the man who helped make Mickey Mouse into a cult and who once remarked that Disney had more Jews in it than the Book of Leviticus. This was not an accident, occurring against Walt’s wishes. When Harry Tytle joined the studio as a production manager and told Walt that he was half-Jewish, Disney replied: “It would be better if you were all Jewish.”

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